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Education Programmes



Our improvisation-based Education Programmes have been realised with an understanding that we are all born creative geniuses, and improv brings us back to that. (It's also a barrel of craic!)

We currently offer improvisation-based workshops in Dublin and Longford. Our programmes are all-inclusive, fun-filled, skill-building opportunities to rediscover your creative self, and to thrive in the creation and presentation of improv-based work. The skill-set we develop in this practice applies to all forms of communication and expression across artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic, and non-academic disciplines. We endeavour to enhance the personal and professional lives of our students, and to provide life-long learning experiences in our style & philosophy

All programmes are facilitated by Darren Yorke, founder of Grand Stretch, who comes from a family of passionate educators, and has been committed to education, training and outreach throughout his career. With an entirely practical and all-inclusive approach to teaching, he engages all ages and abilities in the arts. His facilitation experience ranges from Early Childhood Education to Corporate Training. Grand Stretch combines and supports all of his passions. His year-round ambition for this company is to put the Grand Stretch in everyone's evening. While he is ambitious to take the world by improv-based storm, for now, you'll find Grand Stretch in Dublin and Longford.


Post-Secondary School

· 2-hour Sampler Workshop - dip your toes into our style & philosophy of improvisation

· The Grand Stretch Mind-Set - An intensive introduction to improvisational theatre making

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Daytime Players


Now that your weekdays are finally your own, why not dedicate one to meeting like-minded people, challenging yourself, building a new skill-set and laughing a lot with Free-Birds.

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Young People

Secondary School Students

Tell your parents you're building skills and developing as a human, but let's focus on having the absolute craic! Forget about the book-smarts, and focus on the Mind Stretch.

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Primary School Children

· Prime Prov 1 (for Children in 1st-3rd class)

· Prime Prov 2 (for Children in 4th-6th class) 

A fast-paced, fun-filled, child-centred approach to making art and building skills.

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Early Childhood

Pre-schoolers & Infants

· Early Stages 1 (for Pre-schoolers aged 3+) 

· Early Stages 2 (for Junior & Senior Infants)  

Harnessing the natural flare young children have for creativity, and nurturing it in play. 

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