grand stretch workshops

The Grand Stretch Play-Book

Applying improvisation in the 

Grand Stretch PHILOSOPHY & STYLE to 

Short Form, Long Form & Genre formats

TASTER Workshops

Dip a toe before you dive into our unique 

approach to play, and making things happen. 

Workshops can be anywhere from 20-mins to 2 hours


A bespoke intensive that's yours for the taking, because it's yours in the making.

2-Day Intensive

IMPROV Programmes

Our improv programmes are delivered, which can be 

taster Workshops

Live a little.

Learn a little.

Laugh a lot!

If 6 weeks in development of The IMPROV Mind-Set seems like too big a commitment, or if 'various intensives' sounds too 'intense' (and 'various'), fear not! You don't need to make that kind of commitment - we hardly know each other! What would the neighbours say?! 

Dip a toe before you dive into our unique philosophy & style of play, and try your hand at a one-off 2 or 3 hour improv workshop. 

Expand your comfort zone into uncharted territory.  

No previous experience in anything of any kind is required.

Follow the link below to FIND A CLASS that suits you. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you're interested in participating in a SAMPLER workshop, but can't find something in our current schedule to suit yourself, we'd love to hear from you. And if you are part of a group who would be interested in hiring us to facilitate


Various Intensives

Whether we’re presenting improvisational works in Short Form, Long Form, or a particular Genre that intrigues us – or whether we’re presenting devised or written works that have been conceived or developed through improvisation – we endeavour to keep our audiences on the edges of their seats by keeping ourselves on our toes.  


PLEASE NOTE: The IMPROV Mind-Set and The IMPROV Tool-Kit are pre-requisites to this programme.


2-Day Intensive

Live a little. Learn a little. Laugh a lot! 

Darren Yorke (founder of Grand Stretch) has been champing at the bit to introduce this bespoke 2-Day intensive in staging and performing improvisational theatre, where it doesn’t matter what stage you're at on your improv journey. The WEEKEND WORKSHOP is open to everyone and anything. It’s yours for the taking, because it’s yours in the making…


PLEASE NOTE: No previous experience of any kind is required. However, as this is not an 'introduction to improv / performance / theatre' class, we strongly recommend that participants be somewhat experienced and confident performers.


On the Saturday morning, participants will be invited to anonymously set objectives and aspirations for the weekend. This will be made possible by the highly technical process of writing things on post-it notes and sticking them on a wall. Leaving that to one side, we will turn our attention to discovering each other through play in the Grand Stretch philosophy and style - dispelling fears and establishing a safe and supportive space in which we can embrace the pleasure in risk and the pay off of failure. 

During the break, Darren will turn his attention back to post-it wall, and will use it to inform a trajectory for the weekend. This plan will utilise specific improvisation exercises, theatre games and scene work to target the needs and objectives outlined by the group.

It's (quite literally) all to play for!


When you play like us, you play with us.

And guess what?! IT’S ALL TO PLAY FOR!  

Stage-Time workshops feat. our players

WORKSHOPS: September–October


Cultivating the principles of our 

unique improvisational philosophy  


from 6-9pm each week

Started Tuesday 3rd September

Ends Tuesday 8th September



Developing our playing method 

and narrative approach 


from 6-9pm each week

 Started Monday 2nd September

Ends Monday 7th September


Training Opportunities

Be it classroom or corporation, 

being present or giving presentations, story-telling or story-boarding, Grand Stretch has something to offer you and your team by way of bespoke workshops. 

Outreach Initiatives

 If you represent a charity, organization or community that could benefit from working with us, we would love to hear from you. It all starts with a conversation. 

Let’s see what we can start. 

Education Programmes | YOUNG PEOPLE (Secondary School)

Grand Stretch works with schools and youth organisations in delivering programmes that meet the needs, interests and objectives of Secondary School aged Young People.

Education Programmes | CHILDREN (Early Years & Primary Schools)

We offer a variety of improvisation-based experiences by way of creating stories and facilitating theatre adventures for and with children of all ages and abilities.