Grand Stretch Productions

An Evening of Grand Stretch

Grand Stretch officially launched on Friday 13th October 2017, with An Evening of Grand Stretch. Relying on razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, audience suggestions fuelled an all-inclusive, on-the-spot, never-before-seen, never-to-be-seen-again evening of improvised theatre, comedy and music. If you didn’t make it along to The Complex that night, fear not! With the success of this B.Y.O.B. event, you can expect An Evening of Grand Stretch to be the regular staple of Grand Stretch Productions. And you can expect THEATRESPORTS™ to be the headline act.


THEATRESPORTS™ pitches two teams of improvisers against each other in a cut-throat, no-holds-barred show-down for audience votes. This high-action short form improv show is overseen by a referee, who has the power to penalize or reward teams as he/she sees fit – but, ultimately, our audiences decide the winners and losers based on the quality of scenes, the sharpness of wit. 


And may the audience be ever in your favour.


THEATRESPORTS™ is a trademark and copyright of its founder, Keith Johnstone, and is the cornerstone of Grand Stretch.

The concept was developed in 1977, and  Vancouver Theatresports™ was establishedin 1980. Darren Yorke, founder of Grand Stretch, trained extensively in improvisation with VTS,  worked on their administration team and performed of their ensemble from 2014-2016. He has also enjoyed intensive training with Keith Johnstone, having participated at his 8-Day Masterclass in Berlin, earlier this year.

Grand Stretch secured its licence to practice THEATRESPORTS™ in 2017, when the company became official members of the International Theatresports™ Institute (iTi). 

Grand Stretch are the first Irish members of iTi, and the only company licenced to produce THEATRESPORTS™ in Ireland.