Grand Stretch was founded with a view to staging improvisation-based theatrical works of an exceptionally high standard in PRODUCTIONstriving towards momentous and memorable (albeit momentary) theatre in the exploration of authentic characters, truthful relationships and meaningful stories.

We're forever adding show formats and games to our IMPROV Playbook — some of which are of our own device; others of which we have learned from our improv friends around the world. Our Grand Stretch Players showcases at THE GRAND JAM are opportunities to explore, fail, learn and grow in developing our shows to full production at an exceptionally high standard.

Grand Stretch is licensed in the production of TheatreSports™ as official members of the International Theatresports™ Institute (iTi) — an organisation dedicated to supporting, developing, connecting and promoting the growing community of improvisers who work with Keith Johnstone’s improvisational techniques and formats (including Theatresports™Gorilla Theatre™Maestro™ Impro, and The Life Game©)