Our year-round ambition is to put the ‘Grand Stretch’ in everyone's Evenings, Mornings, Noons and Nights with our improv playbook, exercising our favourite improv formats (including THEARESPORTS™ and MAESTRO™) to create meaningful and memorable, albeit momentary theatre, comedy and music.



THEATRESPORTS™ pitches two teams of improvisers against each other in a cut-throat, no-holds-barred show-down for audience votes. This high-action short form improv show is overseen by a referee, who has the power to penalize or reward teams as he/she sees fit – but, ultimately, our audiences decide the winners and losers based on the quality of scenes, the sharpness of wit. 


And may the audience be ever in your favour.


THEATRESPORTS™ is a trademark and copyright of its founder, Keith Johnstone, and is the cornerstone of Grand Stretch.

The concept was developed in 1977, and  Vancouver Theatresports™ was establishedin 1980. Darren Yorke, founder of Grand Stretch, trained extensively in improvisation with VTS,  worked on their administration team and performed of their ensemble from 2014-2016. He has also enjoyed intensive training with Keith Johnstone, having participated at his 8-Day Masterclass in Berlin, earlier this year.

Grand Stretch secured its licence to practice THEATRESPORTS™ in 2017, when the company became official members of the International Theatresports™ Institute (iTi). 

Grand Stretch are the first Irish members of iTi, and the only company licenced to produce THEATRESPORTS™ in Ireland.