The Grand Stretch Players

Look at them there, now. Aren't they - ? Oh, wait...

Actually, feedback suggests that the section of the website dedicated to The Grand Stretch Players lacks pictures of The Grand Stretch Players.

Well, honestly, that's because Grand Stretch currently lacks Players!

Grand Stretch officially launched on Friday 13th October 2017; An Evening of Grand Stretch featured Darren Yorke with special guest improvisers from Vancouver Theatresports™ League, The Second City, and The Town Pants

Grand Stretch has since been committed to cultivating a community of improvisers in our style & philosophy, offering improvisation-based  Education Programmes, Training Opportunities and Outreach Initiatives for all ages and abilities. 

Later this year, the company will focus on forming a dynamic set of players from the community of improvisers we are currently cultivating in our unique style & philosophy. The Grand Stretch Players will collaborate on a programme of multidisciplinary works, all of which will be conceived, developed or presented through improvisation. With each new season, we endeavour to embrace change in our ensemble, and the members it consists of - reapplying The IMPROV Mind-Set, The IMPROV Tool-Kit and The GRAND STRETCH Play-Book to a unique and diverse set of talents. 

So, who will The Grand Stretch Players consist of? 

Your guess is as good as ours. But one thing we know for sure is 

when you play like us, you play with us
And guess what?! IT’S ALL TO PLAY FOR!  

Are you a future Grand Stretch Player?! Or, does the very thought of that terrify you? Either way, we've reached the end of the section of the website dedicated to The Grand Stretch Players, and you'll be wanting to go somewhere else now. So, if we've sparked an interest in you, have a look at our workshop overview.

You'll find that it's not all about the bright lights and opening nights. The style & philosophy we practice applies to and enhances all aspects of personal and professional life. (And if that hasn't won you over, we should also mention at this point that our workshops and programmes are an absolute barrel of craic!)