What 'type' of person would benefit from an improvisation workshop?

  • The ‘FRONT-AND-CENTRE’ performer type? Well, Yes.
  • The ‘BEHIND-THE-SCENES’ creative type? Yes! And…
  • The ‘TYPE-THE-DAY-AWAY’ at the office type? YES! 

Honestly, no matter what 'type' of person you are in this life, you are exactly the ‘type’ who has everything to gain from our innovative programme of improvisation-based workshop for all ages & abilities.

Live a little.

Learn a little.

Laugh a LOT!

Our workshops combine improv exercises, theatre games and scene work to cultivate a unique mind-set and fully transferable skill-set that are proven to enhance all aspects of personal and professional life — applying to all forms of communication and expression across artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic, and non-academic disciplines. 

So, there’s our hard sales pitch. How’d we do? 

(Aren’t we fierce compelling, altogether?!) 


We offer everything from one-off Taster Workshops to 6-Week Evening Courses, Weekend Workshops and Intensive Weeks. Explore Our IMPROV System to find the class for you!