What 'type' of person would benefit from an improvisation workshop?

  • The ‘FRONT-AND-CENTRE’ performer type? Well, Yes.
  • The ‘BEHIND-THE-SCENES’ creative type? Yes! And…
  • The ‘TYPE-THE-DAY-AWAY’ at the office type? YES! 

Honestly, no matter who you claim to be in the dreary day to day, you are exactly the ‘type’ who has everything to gain from a Grand Stretch workshop. To that end, Grand Stretch offers improvisation-based workshops & programmes for all ages and abilities. 

Our workshops combine improv exercises, theatre games and scene work to cultivate a mind-set and skill-set that are proven to enhance all aspects of personal and professional life - applying to all forms of communication and expression across artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic, and non-academic disciplines. 

So, there’s our hard sales pitch. How’d we do? 

(Aren’t we fierce compelling, altogether?!) 


It's all go, all year round. We deliver everything from Taster Workshops to Weekly Evening Courses, Weekend Workshops and Intensive Weeks. 

So, suit yourself! 

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Training Opportunities

Be it classroom or corporation, 

being present or giving presentations, story-telling or story-boarding, Grand Stretch has something to offer you and your team by way of bespoke workshops. 

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Outreach Initiatives

 If you represent a charity, organization or community that could benefit from working with us, we would love to hear from you. It all starts with a conversation. 

Let’s see what we can start. 

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Education Programmes | YOUNG PEOPLE (Secondary School)

Grand Stretch works with schools and youth organisations in delivering programmes that meet the needs, interests and objectives of Secondary School aged Young People.

Education Programmes | CHILDREN (Early Years & Primary Schools)

We offer a variety of improvisation-based experiences by way of creating stories and facilitating theatre adventures for and with children of all ages and abilities.