Grand Stretch players are the improvisers who have trained in Our Improv System, who practice the inspired philosophy, benevolent spirit and dynamic style of improvisational play that fuel our improv playbook, and who share increasing opportunities with Grand Stretch PRODUCTION

There's no limit to Grand Stretch players — and we mean that in every sense of the term!  We pride ourselves in providing continued training and performance opportunities for the ever-growing pool of Grand Stretch players and our improv friends who aspire to improvise professionally. 



Having successfully completed The IMPROV Mind-Set, players progress through The IMPROV Life Hack and The IMPROV Tool-Kit in their preferred order before applying everything they’ve learned so far to the many splendored show formats in The IMPROV Playbook.



Colm 'LEN' Lennon started his improv journey with Grand Stretch in January of 2019, and has been a core player ever since. He has a big heart, a deep soul, a myriad of character voices, and mesmerising stage physicality — and he delivers it all with astounding commitment. 

Len hails from Bray (Bré) and holds a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin. He writes, acts, clowns around and makes things up in front of people. He has also studied at Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting, where he trained in improvisation with Shane Robinson. Recent work includes Down the Drain (Dublin Fringe 2018) and Love Á La Mode (Felicity).



Grace Healy has been essential to Grand Stretch since our first ever workshop. She's that incredibly smart, kind, generous, fun and f**king funny friend you can't do without. She's a high-spirited cheerleader, champion and referee — all rolled into one hyper-charged player. 

Hailing proudly from Westport, Co. Mayo, Grace holds a BA in Drama & Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin. She admits to having used approx. 0% of her degree, until she started improvising — rediscovering the creative performer in herself. She’s fond of a pub quiz and a bop — preferably in quick succession!



Katherine Murphy has

is a Dublin native, an avid improv fan and an incessant theatre-goer. She is a walking encyclopaedia of theatre. She currently works as the Administrator / Researcher with Irish Theatre Institute (ITI). She has worked with Landmark Productions, Brooklyn Web Fest, Day One and Dublin Fringe Festival since graduating with a BA in Drama & Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin in 2014.



Nora Kelly Lester  

Nora Kelly Lester is an actor, director and theatre maker from Dublin. She was artist in Residence at the New Theatre in 2016 where she co-created and directed new works Pink_Milk , Olympia and The Assassination of Brian Boru (which toured nationally in 2014). She has toured with Dead Centre as an assistant director on Chekhov’s First Play and Hamnet.



Ricky McCormack was the first person to enrol in a our workshops — because he is, first and foremost, an incredible friend — and he's been a part of the adventure ever since. His razor-sharp intellect, honesty and wit make him a force to be reckoned with in improv theatre.

Hailing from Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ricky holds a BA in Drama and Theatre from Trinity College Dublin. After a year of teaching drama to kids in Malaysia, Ricky says "I promptly sold out and moved into the glamorous world of tech, and practice improv to try and feel like a part of my soul still exists."



Simon Mulcahy got involved with Grand Stretch in January of 2019, and has  been a core player ever since. He is pure 'play'.

 is a facilitator and performer with experience in presenting, writing and producing content for stage and screen. Simon is also working as a teacher and a freelance facilitator, as well as creating music with Fragrance O’Neill and his solo project Toké O’Drift.