Welcome to Grand Stretch

An improvisation-based Irish arts company founded by Darren Yorke

Grand Stretch was established in 2017 with a view to:

  • Cultivating a diverse community of improvisers in the practice of a unique Philosophy & Style of improvisational theatre and play 
  • Producing and collaborating on multi-disciplinary works that are conceived, developed or presented through improvisation 
  • Launching an Irish contingent of the International Theatresports™ Institute (iTi) – a global community of improvisers working  with Keith Johnstone’s IMPRO methods, techniques and formats, including the world-renowned THEATRESPORTS™ for which Grand Stretch is licensed  
  • Offering improvisation-based Education Programmes, Training Opportunities and Outreach Initiatives for all ages and abilities
  • Providing life-long learning experiences in the arts, diversifying the theatre experience, and inspiring a culture of creativity

Now, if you read all of that, and you're still none the wiser, don't give up hope! 

This is only the 'landing page' (as they call it in the biz). There's a whole website to explore...

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